Friday, 5 April 2019

Scrambled breakfast

Scrambled eggs must never be cooked at a high temperature; otherwise the eggs turn dry and crumbly.

Basic scrambled eggs are made from two eggs to which 25ml of milk or water has been added and seasoning. Whisk with a fork to mix the whites and yolks. Heat 10ml of butter in a pan until it sizzles and bubbles and add the egg mixture. When the mixture starts to congeal, stir lightly with an egg-lifter. Do not stir continuously. Cook until the mixture is firm but not dry.


Cook scrambled eggs over the low heat.

Remove the pan from the heat while the scrambled eggs are still moist, as the heat retained in the eggs will set them even further. At this stage a dash of milk can be added to halt the setting process and keep the eggs moist.

When scrambled eggs are already too dry, a raw beaten egg can be stirred into the set egg mixture.

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