Thursday, 14 January 2016

French-style Omelette

• 10 ml cold, hard butter, cut into small dice
• 3 large farm-fresh eggs, beaten lightly
• A little olive oil
• A little extra butter
• Salt and freshly milled black pepper
• 65 ml grated cheese
• 15 ml torn basil
• 45 ml tiny tomato dice
• Serves 1  

Stir the diced butter into the beaten eggs. Add an extra nugget of butter and a little oil to a pan and place over heat. When the pan is warm, pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook briefly on medium-high heat, about 20 seconds. Turn the heat lower and with a small spatula start to gently push the mixture away from the sides of the pan while tilting the pan so that the uncooked egg can run onto the surface of the pan. Continue doing this until the egg is no longer runny, yet still creamy and moist.

Season to taste and then sprinkle with the cheese, basil and tomato dice. Fold two of the sides of the omelette towards the centre and continue to cook for a few seconds longer to warm the filing. Tilt the omelette pan almost upside down over a serving plate and allow the omelette to slide onto the plate. Garnish and serve immediately.
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